Friday, August 28, 2009

Food as Sacred

I honestly do not spend hours posing vegetables in the kitchen. This is pretty much how they got plunked down on the kitchen counter straight from the garden. Now---in the throes of full summer garden bounty---any random combination of fresh food finds itself a stunningly perfect artistic composition.
I am grateful for my garden. And for my gardener-husband who brings me these daily gifts--- the lotus of his labors---so together we can feed others.

Food is Love. Give thanks.


Most cultures give thanks for their food. The following is an excerpt from writing by Adrian Butash.

Sharing food is the most universal cultural experience. Expressing thanks for food was humankind's first act of worship, for food is the gift of life from above. In every culture there are sacred beliefs or divine commandments that require honoring the giver of life--God or the divine principle--through acknowledging the sacred gift of food. By admitting us to his table, God became bound to us in a unique relationship. By admitting God to our table, we experience the love and beauty of that relationship.

Food has always been recognized as the unmerited gift from God. Grace is the divine reality underlying all religion and faith--that is, God's loving generosity. In the Hebrew Scriptures it is hesed (loving kindness). In the Tao it is found in the love of the Hindu triad Brahma, Vishnu, Siva. In Christian theology, grace is the human transcendent activity of God in every creature.

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"Blessed be the cheesmakers" - Monty Python, Life of Brian


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